Is TikTok Haram? Know the Correct Answer

Is TikTok Haram

Do you want to know is TikTok Haram or halal in Islam? In recent years, the video sharing app TikTok has become immensely popular among young people around the world.

Muslims argue that using TikTok goes against Islamic teachings and consider it haram (forbidden). There is confusion and debate around this issue. Let’s explore the key reasons why some believe TikTok is not halal.

A major concern is that TikTok contains a lot of content that promotes immodesty and reveals awrah (parts of the body that should be covered). Many TikTok videos feature women dressed in tight, revealing clothing or dancing in sexually suggestive ways. Some features like duets are misused to create inappropriate content.

This goes against Quranic teachings about modesty, such as verse 24:31 which calls for women to “not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof.” Posting or viewing immodest videos on TikTok could be considered sinful.

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Is TikTok Haram?

Yes TikTok is Haram
Yes TikTok is Haram

Answer: Yes, Tiktok is considered haram. TikTok can be a source of temptation and sin, as it exposes users to a lot of haram content, such as music, dancing, nudity, or profanity, that can arouse their desires and lead them to disobey Allah and His commands.

TikTok can be a means of deception and manipulation, as it can influence users to adopt certain views, values, or behaviors that are contrary to Islam and its teachings, such as materialism, liberalism, or secularism.

TikTok can be a factor of division and conflict, as it can create disputes and arguments among users, who may disagree, criticize, or mock each other over trivial or sensitive issues, such as politics, culture, or religion.

How TikTok is not Haram?

How TikTok is not Haram?
How TikTok is not Haram?

Sheikh Abdullah bin Bayyah, the president of the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies, said that using TikTok is permissible as long as it does not involve anything haram or harmful, and as long as it is used for good and beneficial purposes, such as spreading Islam, educating people, or entertaining them in a lawful way.

Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem, a Saudi Islamic scholar and lecturer, said that using TikTok is permissible if it is used for halal content, such as Islamic reminders, educational videos, or funny clips, and if it does not distract the user from their obligations or duties. 

Sheikh Waleed Basyouni, the vice president of AlMaghrib Institute and the imam of Clear Lake Islamic Center in Houston, Texas, said that using TikTok is permissible as long as the user follows the Islamic guidelines and principles mentioned above, and as long as the user is aware of the potential benefits and harms of using TikTok.

How to Use TikTok in a Halal Way

Despite the issues above, some argue that TikTok is only haram if misused. They suggest it can be used in a halal (permissible) manner by:

  • Only following and posting videos that are modest, positive and Islamic
  • Using settings to restrict inappropriate content
  • Avoiding music, immoral themes, ego-seeking behavior
  • Setting time limits and not letting it become addictive
  • Seeking knowledge and spreading good messages, not fame
  • Be selective in who you follow. Only follow accounts that post Islamic, positive content. Unfollow anyone posting inappropriate videos.
  • Use TikTok’s digital wellbeing settings to restrict content. You can limit the appearance of certain material or keywords.
  • Stick to general hashtags like #IslamicTikTok, #HalalTikTok, #ModestFashion etc. Avoid exploring hashtags that may contain immoral content.
  • Don’t watch videos from the main “For You” feed. Curate your own feed by only watching content from accounts you choose to follow.
  • Use TikTok’s restricted mode to limit mature content showing up. You can also block specific users.
  • If any inappropriate videos come up, use the “Not Interested” button so the algorithm learns your preferences.
  • Be mindful of music used in videos. Seek ones using nasheeds or no music to avoid haram songs.
  • Avoid sharing or duetting any videos that contain revealing clothing, dating/romance, or other haram themes.
  • Be a positive role model by posting your own Islamic lifestyle, modest fashion, or educational videos.
  • Limit overall time on TikTok to avoid wasting too much time mindlessly scrolling.
  • Consult knowledgeable scholars if confused about permissibility of any particular content.
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So while some may choose to avoid TikTok entirely, others believe it can be used selectively in a way that aligns with Islamic ethics and values.

Important Questions

Are Muslims allowed to TikTok?

There are differing opinions on this. Some scholars say it is absolutely haram while others say it can be permissible if used selectively for Islamic content. There is no consensus.

Is TikTok haram in Ramadan?

Yes, most scholars would prohibit using TikTok in Ramadan as it wastes time and distracts from worship, Quran recitation, etc.

Is it haram to skip quran on tiktok?

Yes, it would be considered disrespectful by most scholars to use Quran recitation as a background track or to interrupt/skip it on TikTok.

Is listening to music on tiktok haram?

Yes, many scholars prohibit listening to most modern music, so listening to songs on TikTok would be considered haram by them.

Is making money from tiktok haram?

There are differing views on this. Some consider all social media fame-seeking and earning money from it as haram. Others say earning a halal income is permissible.

Is it haram to dance on tiktok?

Yes, suggestive dancing or revealing clothing would be considered haram. Simple dances may be permitted if they are not immoral.

Is posting or making on tiktok haram?

Posting Islamic, positive content is not haram. Making immoral videos or seeking fame/vanity would be prohibited.

Is reposting on tiktok haram?

Reposting inappropriate or immoral content would be haram. Sharing positive Islamic content would be permissible.

Is joining a cult in tiktok haram?

Yes, joining deviant religious groups or cults would certainly be considered haram in Islam.

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The Verdict : TikTok is Haram

On the basis of all above discussion, we can conclude that the verdict on TikTok that it is haram.

There are understandable concerns about TikTok enabling the spread of inappropriate content and un-Islamic behaviors. Some conservative scholars and parents declare it absolutely haram. However, others adopt a more nuanced approach, arguing it depends how the app is used.

Ultimately, Muslims must balance following Islamic teachings on modesty, morality, and using time wisely with taking part in modern technological culture. More open discussions are needed among scholars, parents and youth to find the right path forward InshaAllah.


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