Is Smoking Haram in Islam? (Makrooh or Halal)

Is Smoking Haram

Let’s find out is smoking haram in islam or not. In Islam smoking is a topic that has been discussed by scholars, and opinions vary.

While the Quran, the holy book of Islam, does not explicitly mention smoking, scholars often derive guidance from Islamic principles to address contemporary issues.

There are some hadiths, for example, that prohibit self-harm or causing harm to others. Based on this, many scholars argue that since smoking has scientifically proven to be harmful, it goes against Islamic principles.

Views differ on the extent and nature of the prohibition. Some argue smoking is absolutely forbidden as a major sin. Others say it is “makruh” (disliked or discouraged). Others view occasional smoking as permissible but habit or addiction to it is blameworthy.

The harms of second-hand smoke are also cited by scholars in arguing against smoking socially around non-smokers. The principle of not harming others is used.

In terms of law, various Muslim countries have restrictions or bans on smoking in public areas, government buildings, public transport, etc. to protect public health. Saudi Arabia has imposed fines for smoking violations.

Is Smoking Haram?

yes, smoking is haram
yes, smoking is haram

Yes, smoking is haram, because Smoking is clearly proven to be harmful to one’s health and causes diseases like cancer and lung disease over time. This is seen as violating the Quranic prohibition on self-harm or destroying oneself.

The narcotic effects of tobacco smoke on the mind and body resemble that of other prohibited intoxicants in Islam according to some analyses. Smoking clouds the intellect and awareness.

A smoker may become addicted over time, being unable to function normally without smoking. This type of loss of self-control could be seen as against Islamic guidance.

Spending significant money on tobacco is considered wasteful and excess by some scholars, as that money could have gone to better use helping families or Islamic causes.

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Unlike necessities, smoking is seen more as a lifestyle choice that one could avoid. Even if not definitively haram, smoking can be seen as a “makruh” (disliked) habit.

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Is Smoking Haram Shia

According to Shia Islamic rulings, yes smoking is haram (forbidden or prohibited). This opinion is held by most leading Shia religious scholars and Marjas today.

Grand Ayatollahs Sistani, Khamenei, Makarem Shirazi and other leading Shia religious authorities explicitly declare smoking to be haram under Islamic law.

They base this on the well-known health hazards of smoking, principles against intoxication in Islam, and the financial waste and societal impacts from tobacco.

According to them, smoking clearly qualifies under prohibited categories in Islam of intoxicants (khamr), bringing harm upon oneself, wasting money, and harming others passively through second-hand smoke.

Punishment of Smoking in Islam

There is no definitive prescribed punishment for smoking specifically mentioned in the Quran or Sunnah (teachings and traditions of Prophet Muhammad). 

Most Islamic scholars argue smoking is haram (prohibited) based on evidence of its harms. But since there is no mentioned punishment, some consider it an issue of personal morality and choice left to God to judge.

In some very conservative places like Saudi Arabia and Aceh province in Indonesia, alleged violations of smoking bans have resulted in fines, public lashings and even imprisonment for repeat offenders. However, enforcement differs greatly.

Is Smoking Haram Hanafi

According to the Hanafi school of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), smoking is makruh tahrimi, which means it is strongly disliked and close to being deemed haram (forbidden).

Leading Hanafi scholars have declared that smoking any amount clearly leads to self-harm and intoxication. This is based on modern medical knowledge about tobacco risks.

They analogize smoking to harmful mind-altering substances that cloud thinking and awareness levels. As such, smoking violates the objective (maqasid) of Shariah regarding preservation of life and intellect.

  • But makruh tahrimi still entails sin if deliberately performed without necessity. So practically, committed Hanafis should avoid smoking to not disobey this strict ruling.

Is Chewing Tobacco Haram

Yes, chewing tobacco is haram also. Chewing tobacco or pan masala (with tobacco) to be haram, similar to smoking cigarettes.

The main rationale is that chewing tobacco still contains nicotine and causes addiction. Over time, it increases health risks of cancers and other diseases just like other tobacco products.

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So the harm it causes to oneself and arguments around intoxication and habit-forming substances apply to chewing tobacco from several Islamic legal perspectives.

Smoking in Islam Sahih Al Bukhari

There is no direct, explicit mention of smoking in Sahih al-Bukhari, which is one of the most authentic Hadith collections in Islam compiled in the 9th century CE. 

Several narrations in Bukhari condemn intoxicating substances that cloud the mind and perception. Some modern scholars use this to prohibit smoking by analogizing it to an intoxicant.

Wasteful expenditures are also criticized in some hadiths. Spending money on tobacco rather than necessities is seen as wasting money that could be used better.

Since smoking itself is a later phenomenon, Muslim jurists have attempted to apply the usul al-fiqh (principles of jurisprudence) to analogize rulings on smoking with what texts and guidance exist.

Is Smoking Shisha Haram

Is Smoking Shisha Haram
Is Smoking Shisha Haram

Yes, smoking shisha (hookah) is haram and makruh. Many traditional Islamic scholars argue shisha smoking is haram. Like cigarettes, shisha contains tobacco, so the same prohibitions apply based on its harm, addiction, intoxication, etc.

Using flavorings or fruit in shisha does not reduce the core risks from inhaling dangerous tobacco smoke, some experts contend. So it remains haram.

Some scholars state since shisha smoking is less frequent than cigarettes for some people, it may merely be makruh, especially socially. The level of potential addiction plays a role here.

Is Smoking Haram in Ramadan

Yes, smoking is haram during Ramadan according to the dominant view among Islamic scholars.

Ramadan is meant for spiritual cleansing and devotion. Intentionally inhaling harmful, addictive smoke violates the sanctity and purpose of this month.

One key aspect of Ramadan is fasting – abstaining completely from food, drink, and tobacco helps devotees turn focus away from material temptations. Smoking defeats this purpose and could risk invalidating the fast.

The physical discipline acquired during Ramadan through restraint is hindered by smoking, which appeals only to superficial carnal pleasures rather than deeper spiritual joy sought in this month.

Is Smoking Haram for Woman

Is Smoking Haram for Woman
Smoking Haram for Woman

Yes, smoking is haram for both men and women. There is no gender differentiation with regards to rulings on smoking.

Quranic principles cited apply equally to men and women when it comes to preservation of life and intellect, avoiding self-harm or extravagance, and protecting from harming others in one’s vicinity.

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While historically smoking prevalence has been higher among males, rising rates now show more women taking up tobacco use across Muslim countries and communities. This leads scholars to decisively forbid smoking for all.

Is Vaping and Smoking Haram

Yes, vaping is haram similar to traditional smoking. Vape liquids still contain addictive nicotine and other chemicals whose long-term health impacts remain under study, potentially causing harm.

Many Muslim religious bodies have thus declared vaping prohibited as well until conclusive evidence establishes vaping as a definitively safer alternative for current smokers.

Due to nicotine/chemical addiction concerns and gateway link to eventual smoking, mainstream Muslim scholarship takes a precautionary stance by currently declaring vaping to also have the same forbidden (haram) status as cigarettes until research conclusively proves vaping harmless for individual and public health compared to smoking.


Is smoking Haram in Islam?

Yes, smoking is haram (forbidden) in Islam according to most Islamic scholars based on its health hazards and addictive nature.

Are Muslims allowed to vape?

No, vaping is also haram in Islam due to concerns over addiction, unknown long-term health effects, and it being a potential gateway to smoking.

Can Muslims drink or smoke?

No, Muslims are largely prohibited from drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes/tobacco based on injunctions in the Quran and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad against intoxicants and harming oneself.

Is hookah haram in Islam?

Yes, smoking hookah is ruled as haram in Islam similar to cigarette smoking since it also involves inhaling tobacco smoke, which is seen as harmful and addictive.


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