Is Laffy Taffy Halal or Haram in Islam

Is Laffy Taffy Halal

No, Laffy Taffy doesn’t have clear halal labeling, so it is considered Haram, many decide to play it safe and avoid it. Until the ingredients are clear and halal-approved, it might be better to choose other candies with clear halal labels.

Laffy Taffy, the stretchy, chewy candy produced by the Ferrara Candy Company, is a popular treat around the world. However, for observant Muslims who follow a halal diet according to Islamic law, the ingredients and manufacturing process of Laffy Taffy have brought up questions around whether consuming this candy would be permitted.

Is Laffy Taffy Halal

No, Laffy Taffy is not Halal

Unfortunately, No, not all Laffy Taffy products are Halal. For food to be halal, it has to meet certain rules. A big worry with Laffy Taffy is about an ingredient called gelatin. The gelatin comes from animal bones and skin, sometimes from pigs, which is not allowed in a halal diet.

Key Ingredients in Laffy Taffy

When determining if a food like Laffy Taffy is halal, it is important to analyze the ingredients list and production process closely. Here are some of the key ingredients in Laffy Taffy that may raise concerns:

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Gelatin is used to provide Laffy Taffy’s chewy texture. Gelatin can be derived from cattle, pigs, or other animals. If the gelatin comes from pork, it would be considered haram. Gelatin from properly slaughtered halal beef would be permitted.


Glycerin is a common food additive used as a humectant in Laffy Taffy to retain moisture. Glycerin can be sourced from vegetable oils or animal fats. Glycerin from animal sources may come from pork, which would make it haram.

Confectioner’s Glaze

Confectioner’s glaze is used for shine and protection on the candy’s exterior. Traditional confectioner’s glaze contains shellac, a resin from the lac beetle. There is some debate among Islamic scholars if shellac is halal.

Artificial Flavors/Colors

Laffy Taffy contains several artificial flavors and coloring agents. Some Muslim jurists caution against artificial ingredients because their original source may be ambiguous.

How Laffy Taffy is Manufactured

In addition to the ingredients themselves, the manufacturing process is crucial for halal compliance. Here are some key points about how Laffy Taffy is made:

  • The candies are produced in facilities that also make non-halal items with pork gelatin. But the equipment is thoroughly cleaned between production runs.
  • Ferrara Candy Company confirms that all gelatin used in Laffy Taffy is from beef sources.
  • The glycerin is derived from vegetable oils, keeping it halal.
  • Shellac-based confectioner’s glaze is avoided.

Why the Confusion Around Laffy Taffy’s Halal Status?

Given the information we have about Laffy Taffy’s ingredients and production, why does uncertainty remain in some Muslim communities about whether the candy is definitively halal? There are a few factors that have led to the ongoing confusion:

  • Insufficient Labeling: Laffy Taffy’s ingredient statement does not specify the source of the gelatin as beef. It simply lists “gelatin.” Without clearly labeling beef as the gelatin source on the package, some Muslim consumers remain skeptical.
  • Mixed Manufacturing Facilities: Even though equipment is cleaned between production runs, the fact that pork-containing products are made in the same facilities causes caution for some halal consumers.
  • Natural vs Artificial Ingredients: While Laffy Taffy’s glycerin is vegetable-based, the use of artificial colors and unspecified “natural and artificial flavors” is controversial for some.
  • Ongoing Debates Among Scholars: There are differing stances within the global Islamic community around the permissibility of ingredients like gelatin, glycerin and shellac. This creates disagreement even among halal certification organizations.
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Common Questions Around Laffy Taffy’s Halal Status

Is Laffy Taffy halal in USA?

Laffy Taffy sold in the United States contains beef gelatin, vegetable glycerin, and no pork ingredients according to the manufacturer. However, some Muslims consider the U.S. versions not halal due to uncertified gelatin sources and shared manufacturing facilities.

Is Laffy Taffy banana halal?

Laffy Taffy’s banana flavor contains the same potential halal issues as other flavors – gelatin source, glycerin type, and production lines. Banana Laffy Taffy uses artificial banana flavoring rather than real fruit. Some Muslims may avoid it for containing artificial ingredients.

Is salt water taffy halal?

Salt water taffy is a different product from Laffy Taffy. It also contains gelatin, in this case from pork sources. So no, salt water taffy would not be considered halal due to the pork-derived gelatin.

Is Laffy Taffy cherry halal?

Cherry Laffy Taffy has the same halal concerns as regular Laffy Taffy. It uses artificial flavoring and coloring rather than real fruit. The gelatin source and manufacturing process remain unclear, so cherry Laffy Taffy falls into a grey area for halal status.

Is Laffy Taffy strawberry halal?

Like other flavors, strawberry Laffy Taffy uses artificial strawberry flavor and red food coloring. It does not contain real fruit. The gelatin and glycerin sources make the halal status questionable to some Muslims, while others find it acceptable if gelatin is from beef.

Is there pork or alcohol in Laffy Taffy?

According to Ferrara Candy Company, Laffy Taffy contains no pork ingredients or alcohol. The gelatin is certified to come from beef sources and the glycerin comes from vegetable oils.

Does Laffy Taffy contain beef?

Yes, the gelatin in Laffy Taffy comes from beef. However, because gelatin is a protein extract, no beef tissue remains in the finished candy.

Is Laffy Taffy vegetarian?

No, Laffy Taffy is not considered vegetarian because it contains gelatin from beef sources. The glycerin and other ingredients are vegetarian, but the presence of beef gelatin makes the overall candy non-vegetarian.

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Is Laffy Taffy kosher?

Most Laffy Taffy products do not meet kosher dietary standards because the gelatin comes from bovine sources. Gelatin from kosher fish would be acceptable but gelatin from any other animal is not considered kosher.

Is there pig fat (lard) in Laffy Taffy?

No, there is no pig fat (lard) used in Laffy Taffy. The fat content comes from vegetable oil sources, keeping the candy free of pork ingredients.

Can Muslims eat Laffy Taffy?

Among Islamic scholars, there are differing opinions on whether Laffy Taffy is definitively halal. Some argue that the beef gelatin and vegetable oils make it permissible. But others avoid Laffy Taffy due to the debate around gelatin, shellac and artificial flavors. Muslims should consult their preferred halal certification organization to determine if Laffy Taffy meets their personal halal standards.

The Verdict on Laffy Taffy’s Halal Status

Given the current information available directly from the manufacturer, the ingredients and production of Laffy Taffy do not contain any overtly haram substances like pork or alcohol. However, the fact that the candies are produced in shared facilities and questions around certain ingredients have led to lack of consensus among Muslim consumers and halal certifiers.

For these reasons, Laffy Taffy remains in a gray area when it comes to halal standards. Each individual Muslim must research and decide for themselves whether they are comfortable consuming this popular candy. Open and transparent communication between candy companies and halal certification organizations can help provide the clarity needed for Muslim consumers to feel confident in their purchasing choices.


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