Is Cheddar Cheese Halal? – What Makes Cheddar Cheese Halal or Haram

Is Cheddar Cheese Halal

Is Cheddar Cheese Halal? Learn how to spot the hidden ingredients that make it haram and how to avoid them.

Cheddar Cheese can be halal or haram depending on how it’s made.

Cheddar Cheese is one of the most popular and versatile cheeses in the world. You can use it for sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, salads, and more.

But how do you know if your cheddar cheese is halal or haram? What are the signs and indicators that you should look for?

Is Cheddar Cheese Halal?

Yes Cheddar Cheese is halal

Yes, Cheddar Cheese is halal if Cheddar cheese made with non-animal enzymes, microbial enzymes or vegetable-based rennet.

There are different arguments from different scholars.

Cheddar made with lipase enzyme from calves or lambs is considered haram by most scholars. Lipase gives cheddar a sharper flavor.

Is Cheddar Cheese Halal in Canada?

In Canada, major dairy producers like Saputo, Agropur and Parmalat offer halal cheddar cheeses made without animal rennet. Examples include Black Diamond old cheddar, Armstrong old white cheddar, and Saputo medium cheddar. Check for a halal symbol or certification to confirm suitability.

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Is White Cheddar Cheese Halal?

White cheddar made using microbial enzymes or vegetable rennet, not animal rennet is halal. Brands like Armstrong and Saputo offer some halal white cheddar varieties in Canada certified as halal. Checking certification is advised.

Is Black Diamond Cheddar Cheese Halal?

Yes, some Black Diamond cheddar cheese products are halal certified in Canada, including their older aged white and orange cheddar. However, not all Black Diamond cheddars are certified halal, so check packaging for certification symbols.

Is Kraft Cheddar Cheese Halal?

Kraft cheddar cheese products are typically not halal certified. Most Kraft cheddars use animal enzymes and non-halal ingredients. However, Kraft Singles American cheese slices are halal certified in the USA.

Is Cheddar Cheese Halal in USA?

The USA has some halal certified cheddar options like Trader Joe’s vintage cheddar and Tillamook aged white cheddar. Many mass brands remain uncertified, so check labels for halal suitability. USA-made cheese is not guaranteed halal.

Is Cheddar Cheese Halal in UK?

Major UK brands like Cathedral City offer some halal certified cheddar cheeses. Additionally, there are halal cheesemakers in the UK producing certified halal cheddar using vegetable enzymes. Checking for halal certification is recommended when purchasing cheddar in the UK.

Important Questions

What Kind of Cheese Is Halal?

Cheeses made using vegetable or microbial-derived enzymes, such as some types of cheddar, mozzarella, feta and Parmesan are considered halal. Goat and sheep milk cheeses are also typically halal as they do not use calf rennet. Checking for a halal certification is the best way to verify the cheese is suitable for a halal diet.

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Are Enzymes in Cheddar Cheese Halal?

It depends on the source of the enzymes. Cheddar made using microbial enzymes or vegetable-based rennet is considered halal. Cheddar made with calf rennet is more controversial, with debates over whether animal rennet is sufficiently transformed. Lipase enzyme from calves or lambs is widely viewed as haram.

Is Cheddar Cheese Vegetarian?

Traditional cheddar made with calf rennet is not vegetarian. However, many mass-produced cheddar cheeses today use microbial enzymes or vegetable rennet, making them suitable for vegetarians. To be sure a cheddar is vegetarian, check that microbial or plant-based enzymes are used, not calf rennet.

Is Cheddar Cheese Halal in Chips?

Chips flavored with cheddar cheese are typically not halal certified. Most major chip brands use cheddar cheese powder made with animal enzymes, which would be considered haram by many Islamic scholars. Checking labels is advised to verify no animal enzymes.

Is Pringles Cheddar Cheese Halal?

No, Pringles cheddar cheese flavored chips are not certified halal. Pringles uses artificial flavors and cheddar powder likely made with animal enzymes, making them unsuitable for a halal diet according to most interpretations.

Is Kirkland Cheddar Cheese Halal?

No, Kirkland brand cheddar cheeses available at Costco are not certified halal. Kirkland cheeses contain animal enzymes like lipase and traditional calf rennet, making them haram according to common halal standards.

Is Tim Hortons Cheddar Cheese Halal?

No, the cheddar cheese used at Tim Hortons is not certified halal. Their cheese contains animal-based rennet and enzymes which would not be permitted on a halal diet.

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Is Cracker Barrel Cheddar Cheese Halal?

No, Cracker Barrel brand cheddar cheese is not certified halal. Their products typically contain animal enzymes and non-halal ingredients. They should be avoided by those following a halal diet.


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