If a Husband Ignores His Wife in Islam? Rights and Mutual Respect

If a Husband Ignores His Wife in Islam

In Islam marriage is considered a blessed relationship between a man and woman to live together in love, mercy and tranquility. The Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) emphasize the importance of honoring, respecting and taking care of one’s wife. Ignoring or mistreating one’s wife goes against the very spirit and purpose of marriage in Islam.

Some Muslim men wrongly believe that they are superior to their wives or have the right to control them. This leads them to ignore, neglect or even emotionally/verbally abuse their wives.

This incorrect belief stems from cultural norms, lack of proper Islamic education, misinterpretation of Quranic verses or prophetic narrations.

Personality clashes, communication issues, stress, immaturity or loss of love can sometimes cause one spouse to withdraw from the other.

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If a Husband Ignores His Wife in Islam

If a Husband Ignores Wife in Islam
If a Husband Ignores Wife in Islam

Ignoring wife deliberately and continuously without valid reason is considered emotionally abusive and unfair behavior in Islamic teachings. It damages the relationship and causes pain and distress to the wife.

Rights of Wives in Quran & Hadith

  • The Quran describes marriage as a relationship of love, mercy and tranquility. Spouses are meant to provide comfort and companionship to each other. (Quran 30:21)
  • Women have the right to be treated kindly and equitably by their husbands. The Qurancommands men to live with wives in honor and kindness. (Quran 4:19)
  • Prophet Muhammad treated his wives with gentleness, respect and patience. He said the best Muslim men are those who treat wives and family with the best manners.
  • Women have the right to enjoy marital intimacy. A husband cannot deprive his wife of intimacy without valid reason.
  • Women have the right to receive financial support, protection and fair treatment from husbands. Ignoring these rights are grounds for complaint by the wife.
  • The Quran allows women to initiate divorce if the husband is abusive, neglectful or not fulfilling his responsibilities.

Husband’s Duties in Marriage

  • Provide financially for wife and children
  • Treat them with equity, respect and kindness
  • Consult wife in family decisions
  • Guide wife and children in Islamic manners
  • Satisfy wife’s sexual needs
  • Provide moral and emotional support

Consequences of Ignoring Wife

  • Damages marital relationship leading to pain, distress and discord
  • Pushes the wife to seek divorce due to neglect
  • Causes psychological trauma to wife due to feeling unloved
  • Sets a negative example for children to disrespect their mother
  • Leads to marital discord affecting entire family
  • Invites curse of God by oppressing wife’s rights
  • Leads to warning, advice and condemnation from society
  • Risks punishment in the Hereafter for not fulfilling marital duties
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How To Avoid Ignoring Wife

  • Remember rewards of treating wife kindly as taught in Islam
  • Seek counselling if facing communication issues
  • Discuss problems openly and calmly
  • Treat her with love, empathy and wisdom
  • Do not let stress, anger or boredom damage your relationship
  • Make time for quality conversation and recreation together
  • Seek guidance from Allah through prayer and supplication
  • Attend marriage seminars and workshops together

Important Questions

If a husband ignores his wife in Islam hadi?

Hadi in Islam refers to guidance. If a husband ignores his wife, he is going against the Islamic guidance of treating wives with kindness, equity and intimacy. The Quran and Hadith emphasize the rights of wives and condemnation of mistreating them.

If a husband ignores his wife in Islam had?

Ignoring one’s wife deliberately and continuously without valid reason is considered emotionally abusive behavior and unfair according to Islamic teachings. It damages the relationship and causes pain and distress to the wife.

If husband hurts wife in islam?

Hurting one’s wife emotionally or physically is completely prohibited in Islam. The Quran condemns oppressing women and commands men to live with wives in honor. Prophet Muhammad never hit a woman and advised the best men are those who treat wives best.

Husband not giving money to wife in islam?

In Islam, husbands are obligated to provide financial maintenance for their wives and family. Depriving the wife of financial rights like food, clothing and shelter without reason is considered oppression and unfair.

How long can a husband stay away from his wife in Islam?

The maximum period a husband can avoid intimacy with his wife without her consent is 4 months according to scholars. Depriving the wife of intimacy for longer than this without valid reason is grounds for the wife to seek divorce.

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What is it called when a husband ignores his wife?

When a husband deliberately and continuously ignores his wife by avoiding communication, intimacy and spending time with her without valid justification, it is considered emotional abuse and neglect.

What happens when a husband doesn’t satisfy his wife in Islam?

If a husband is unable to satisfy his wife’s sexual needs, she has the right to seek divorce as this is considered neglect of marital responsibilities in Islam.

What to do if your husband ignores you in Islam?

Islamic options include seeking counseling, involving pious elders, discussing issues calmly with wisdom, reminding him of Allah, and if all else fails, initiating khula divorce by returning mahr.

What does it mean when a husband ignores his wife?

When a husband ignores his wife, it likely signals presence of marital problems like communication issues, resentment, boredom of spouse, stress, lack of love or possible emotional/verbal abuse and neglect.

The Verdict

Islam clearly emphasizes the importance of respecting wife and avoiding ignoring or mistreating her. Husbands must fulfill the Quranic duties of providing financially, living with them honorably and treating them with equity, kindness and intimacy.

Ignoring or neglecting one’s wife deliberately without valid reason is considered emotionally abusive behavior, damaging to the marriage and displeasing to God.

Islamic teachings provide guidance for husbands to improve their relationship and avoid ignoring their spouse. With open communication, mutual understanding and remembering God’s teachings, marital disputes can be resolved and a loving relationship maintained.


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