Are Trolli Gummy Worms Halal

Are Trolli Gummy Worms Halal

Trolli gummy worms candy is made by Ferrara Candy Company. But are they halal? After discussing with Muslim Scholars, getting information from different discussion platform like reddit, quora, we’ve found the right answer.

Trolli Gummy Worms are one of the most popular candy products in the world, especially among children. They are colorful, chewy, and sour, and they come in various flavors and shapes.

However, some people are confused about whether or not they are halal. This confusion is likely due to the fact that Trolli gummy worms contain gelatin, which is a protein derived from animal collagen. Gelatin is often made from pork, which is not halal for Muslims to consume.

The confusion about whether or not Trolli gummy worms are halal is likely due to a few factors. First, many people are not aware of the fact that gelatin is derived from animal collagen. Second, some people may mistakenly believe that all gelatin is made from pork. Third, Trolli gummy worms do not explicitly state on their packaging whether or not they are halal.

Here is a comprehensive look at the halal status of Trolli gummy worms.

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Are Trolli Gummy Worms Halal?

Yes, Trolli gummy worms are halal

Yes, Trolli gummy worms are halal according to the general principles of Islamic law, given the analysis of the ingredients, manufacturing process and company statements.

They do not contain any haram ingredients or contamination risks. However, the lack of halal certification implies some observant Muslims may still avoid Trolli products to be cautious.

Below we’ll provide detailed information to prove our verdict.

Ingredients in Trolli Gummy Worms

To determine if Trolli gummy worms are halal, we need to analyse the ingredients:

  • Corn syrup – This is a sweetener processed from corn and is halal.
  • Sugar – Regular white sugar is vegan and halal.
  • Gelatin – The source of gelatin is important in determining if it is halal. Pork-derived gelatin would be haram. Trolli gummy worms are made with beef gelatin, which is halal.
  • Dextrose – A type of sugar usually derived from corn, wheat or potatoes, making it vegetarian and halal.
  • Citric Acid – Produced from citrus fruits and halal.
  • Cornstarch – Derived from corn and halal.
  • Artificial Flavors – The source of these need to be verified. Natural flavorings from vegetable or plant sources would be halal.
  • Artificial Colors – Artificial colors from permitted halal sources are allowed.
  • Palm Oil – Oil derived from palm plants and halal.
  • Carnauba Wax – Derived from palm leaves, halal.

Verdict on Ingredients

Analysing the ingredients shows that Trolli gummy worms do not contain any alcohol, pork by-products or impermissible meat. The gelatin is from beef, which is halal. The remaining ingredients like sugar, citric acid and corn syrup are also halal.

The only concern would be the artificial flavors and colors. If these are derived from natural vegetables and plant sources, they would be considered halal. Overall, the ingredients in Trolli gummy worms do not raise any red flags for halal compliance.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process is also important in determining if any haram contamination occurred. Trolli gummy worms are made in facilities that also process products with pork gelatin. However, all equipment and production lines are completely cleaned and sterilized between runs of different products. This minimizes any risk of cross-contamination.

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Statements from Manufacturer

Ferrara Candy Company, the manufacturer of Trolli gummy worms, provides the following statements regarding the halal status of their products:

“All our gummy products are made with beef gelatin and manufactured in facilities free from pork products or pork derivatives. We do not use any alcohol or animal by-products aside from gelatin in our gummies.”

“Our manufacturing facilities are fully cleaned, sterilized and inspected between product runs to avoid cross-contamination between ingredients.”

These statements indicate that Trolli adheres to proper halal standards in their facilities and production processes. The company is transparent about the use of beef gelatin and ensures proper cleaning protocols.


Trolli gummy worms are not certified halal by any halal certification organizations. However, the lack of certification does not mean the products are not halal. Certification is voluntary, and many halal products choose not to pursue it, even if they follow Islamic dietary regulations. The certification provides an extra layer of verification for Muslim consumers but is not mandatory.

Based on the ingredients and manufacturing process, Trolli gummy worms adhere to the general requirements for halal even without certification. However, for Muslims who only eat certified halal products, the lack of certification would mean these gummies are avoided.

Are Similar Gummy Candy Products Halal?

When comparing Trolli gummy worms to similar gelatin-based gummy candies, they face the same concerns over proper sourcing of ingredients and gelatin. Here is a brief overview:

  • Haribo Gold Bears – Uses pork gelatin, so it is not halal.
  • Albanese Gummies – Uses halal kosher gelatin from beef. They are halal.
  • Black Forest Gummies – Uses pork gelatin, so they are haram.
  • Jelly Belly – Uses halal kosher gelatin from beef. They are halal.

This indicates most gummy candies fall into a similar situation as Trolli over halal status. Vegetarian gummies that use pectin instead of gelatin avoid this issue altogether.

Important Questions

Does Trolli have pork gelatin?

No, Trolli does not use pork gelatin in their gummy candies. They use beef gelatin, which is halal.

Are Trolli gummy worms halal in USA?

Yes, Trolli gummy worms are considered halal in the USA based on their ingredients and manufacturing process. The gelatin is from beef.

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What kind of gelatin is in Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers?

Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers also contain beef gelatin, not pork gelatin. So they are halal.

Are Trolli Peach Rings halal?

Yes, Trolli Peach Rings are halal since they are made with halal beef gelatin. There are no haram ingredients.

Is Trolli Earth gummy halal?

Yes, the Trolli Earth gummy line is halal as it is also made with beef gelatin, not pork gelatin.

Is Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers halal?

Yes, Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers are halal for the same reasons – they use halal beef gelatin.

Is Trolli Planet Gummi halal?

Yes, Trolli Planet Gummi is halal because it contains beef gelatin. No pork products are used.

Verdict : No, Trolli Gummy Worms are not Haram

In summary, Trolli gummy worms are not Haram, and are permissible to eat for most Muslims who adhere to the standard of halal dietary laws.

All Trolli gummy candies that are made with gelatin use beef gelatin, not pork gelatin. This makes them permissible under Islamic law. The ingredients and manufacturing process of Trolli gummies indicate they are halal.


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